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28th Annual Meeting

Western Thoracic Surgical Assocation
28th Annual Meeting
Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, Montana
June 19-22, 2002
Final Program

Wednesday, June 19, 2002
3:00 pm Registration Opens
7:00 pm New Members Reception
Thursday, June 20, 2002
6:00 am Samson Fun Run
7:00 am Registration
Continental Breakfast
Exhibit Hall
8:00 am Introduction of New Members and Resident Essay Finalists
Moderators: Donald B. Doty and Steven R. Gundry
†1.Transthoracic Versus Transhiatial Esophogectomy: A Prospective Study of 945 Patients
Jeffrey J. Rentz*, David A. Bull, David H. Harpole*, Stephen H. Bailey*, Leigh A. Neumayer*, Theodore N. Pappas*, William Henderson*, Jennifer Daley*, Shakri F. Khuri*
University of Utah Health Science Center - Salt Lake City, Utah

Discussion Opened By: Richard D. Stahl

†2. Role of Routine Epiaortic Ultrasound and Off-Pump Bypass to Avoid Aortic Manipulation and Reduce Stroke Rate in Patients with Signifigant Aortic Atherosclerosis
Indermeet S. Bhullar*, Omar Lattouf*, John Puskas*, Rebecca Peterson*, Kathy Glas*, Robert Guyton*
Emory University - Atlanta, Georgia

Discussion Opened By: R. Scott Mitchell

†3. HLA-DR and ABO Mismatch are Associated with Accelerated Homograft Valve Failure in Children: Implications for Therapeutic Interventions
Roger J. F. Baskett*, Maurice A. Nanton*, Andrew E. Warren*, David B. Ross*
Maritime Heart Centre - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Discussion Opened By: David R. Clarke

Thursday, June 20, 2002
Donald B. Doty, Salt Lake City, Utah
10:00 am Coffee Break - Visit Exhibits
Moderators: Edward D. Verrier and David N. Campbell
4. Early and Late Results of Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery Suggests Earlier Operation for Mitral Valve Disease
James P. Greelish*, Alexander N. Karavas*, Gregory S. Couper*, John G. Byrne*, Lawrence H. Cohn*
Brigham and Women's Hospital - Boston, Massachusetts

Discussion Opened By: Scot H. Merrick

5. Surgery Achieves Long Term Survival in Multi-Focal Bronchioalveolar Lung Cancer
Peter F. Roberts*, Michaela Straznicka*, David M. Follette, Ron Hayes*, Nilas Young*, John R. Benfield
UC Davis Medical Center - Sacramento, California

Discussion Opened By: Richard I. Whyte

6. Comparison of Extracardiac Fontan Techniques: Pedicled Pericardial Tunnel Vs. Conduit Reconstruction
Ronald K. Woods*, Umesh Dyamenahalli*, Geoffrey L. Rosenthal*, Brian W. Duncan*, Flavian M. Lupinetti
University of Washington - Seattle, Washington

Discussion Opened By: Steven R. Gundry

7. Minimally Invasive Harvesting of Saphenous Vein is Associated with Impaired Endothelial Function
Richard C. Cook*, Christine M. Crowley*, Robert Hayden*, Lynn Fedoruk*, Samuel D. Lichtenstein*, Cornelius van Breeman*
University of British Columbia - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Discussion Opened By: Kevin A. Linkus

11:50 am CONTROVERSIES IN THORACIC SURGERY – "Lung Volume Reduction Surgery and the NETT: A Good Concept Gone Awry?"
Moderator: John R. Benfield

Pro: Douglas E. Wood
Con: Richard I. Whyte

7:00 pm Theme Dinner
Friday, June 21, 2002
6:30 am Simultaneous Breakfast Sessions
A) Surgical Treatment of Atrial Arrythmias in Adults and Children
Roger C. Millar and Steven R. Gundry

B) New Surgical Approaches to Lung Cancer
Richard I. Whyte and John D. Mitchell

7:00 am Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall
8:00 am Postgraduate Course
Sponsored by: White Memorial Medical Center and Foundation - Lyman A. Brewer, III Fund

"Advances in Aortic Surgery".
Nicholas T. Kouchoukos
St. Louis, Missouri

"Advances in Congenital Heart Disease Surgery".
Frank L. Hanley
San Francisco, California

"Advances in Cardiac Valve Surgery".
Robert Karp
Snowmass, Colorado

Moderators: Richard I. Whyte and R. Scott Mitchell
8. Should the Transverse Aortic Arch be Replaced Simultaneously with Aortic Root Replacement for Annuloaorticectasia in Marfan syndrome?
Osamu Tagusari*, Hitoshi Ogino*, Junjiro Kobayashi*, Ko Bando*, Kazuo Niwaya*, Hiroaki Sasaki*, Yuji Hanafusa*, Motomi Ando*, Yutaka Okita*, Toshikatsu Yagihara*, Soichiro Kitamura*
National Cardiovascular Center - Osaka, Japan

Discussion Opened By: Nicholas T. Kouchoukos

9. Mitral Valve Surgery in Patients with Extensive Calcification of the Mitral Annalus
Tirone E. David*, Tufail Zafar*, Joan Ivanov*, Susan Armstrong*
Toronto General Hospital - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Discussion Opened By: Robert B. Karp

10. PET Scan as a Predictor of Response to Chemotherapy in Lung Cancer
Robert J. Cerfolio, Cynthia Bass*, Amanda Pask*
University of Alabama at Birmingham - Birmingham, Alabama

Discussion Opened By: Douglas E. Wood

Friday, June 21, 2002
†11. Early Outcomes in Neonatal Tricuspid Atresia with Normally Related Great Arteries: A Multiinstitutional Study
David A. Ashburn*, Ross M. Ungerleider*, Brian W. McCrindle*, Richard A. Jonas*, Christo I. Tchervenkov*, Marshall J. Jacobs*
Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Discussion Opened By: Frank L. Hanley

12. Prospective Clinical Trial of Computer-Enhanced Endoscopic Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting with One-Year Follow-up
W. Douglas Boyd*, Kojiro Kodera*, Bob Kiaii*, Reiza Rayman*
London Health Sciences Centre - London, Ontario, Canada

Discussion Opened By: Robbin G. Cohen

10:30 am Coffee Break - Visit Exhibits

Moderators: David M. Follette and David A. Bull

†13. Lung-Transplantation: A Review of a Decade of Experience
Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce*, Richard I. Whyte, Bruce A. Reitz, Ramona Doyle*, Ann Weinacker*, Noreen Henig*, Robert C. Robbins
Stanford University - Stanford, California

Discussion Opened By: Patricia Thistlethwaite

14. Evaluation of Vacuum Assisted Closure in the Treatment of Poststernotomy Mediastinitis
Patrick V. Domkowski*, Monica L. Smith*, Denis L. Gonyon*, Carol Dyre*, Mary K. Woten*, L. Scott Levin*, Walter G. Wolfe
Duke University Medical Center - Durham, North Carolina

Discussion Opened By: James W. Long

15. Is There a Difference in Costs Between On- and Off-Pump Bypass Surgery? Results of a Randomized Pilot Study
Barry C. Esrig, Lopa R. Gupta*, Daniel F. Heitjan*, Annetine C. Gelijns*, Alan J. Moskowitz*, Seth D. Goldfarb*, Eric A. Rose*, Raymond R. Arons*, Rhondalyn C. McLean*, Anita R. Tierney*, Paul Kurlansky*, Ronald M. Lazar*, Alain S. Asher*, Mehmet C. Oz*
Columbia University - New York, New York

Discussion Opened By: Walter Ehrman

Saturday, June 22, 2002
6:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast - Exhibit Hall
7:00 a.m. Invited Lecturer – Albert Starr, Portland, Oregon
"How to Run a Profitable Cardiothoracic Practice"
Moderator: Lawrence H. Cohn
P1. The Human Heart Activates Compliment During Cardiac Surgery
Mathew G. Blum*, Michael Monge*, Leonard Wade*, Keith A. Horvath*, David A. Fullerton
Northwestern University - Chicago, Illinois
P2. C5-Complement Suppression in On-Pump Coronary Bypass is Associated with Reduction of Postoperative Morbidity
John C. Chen, Jane C. Fitch*, Nancy Nussmeier*, Thomas G. Todaro*, Kevin J. Malloy*, Thomas G. Fillon*, Scott Rollins*, Christopher F. Mojcik*, Stanton K. Shernan*
University of Hawaii - Honolulu, Hawaii
P3. Simvastatin Ameliorates Injury in an Experimental Model of Lung Ischemia Reperfusion
Babu V. Naidu*, Baiya Krishnadasan*, Robert Thomas*, Charles Fraga*, Edward D. Verrier, Michael S. Mulligan*
University of Washington - Seattle, Washington
P4. Benefit of Postoperative Adjuant Therapy in Locoregionally Advanced Esophogeal Carcinoma
Thomas W. Rice*, Eugene H. Blackstone*, Malcolm M. DeCamp*, Sudish C. Murthy*, Lisa A. Rybicki*, David J. Adelstein*
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Cleveland, Ohio
P5. Atherogenic Effects of Chlamydia Pneumoniae: Refuting the Innocent Bystander Hypothesis
Craig H. Selzman*, Stephanie A. Miller*, Mihai G. Netea*, Adriana Weinberg*, Leonid L. Reznikov*, Frederick L. Grover, Charles A. Dinarello*
University of Colorado Health Sciences - Denver, Colorado
P6. Modified Reperfusion Decreases the Incidence of Reperfusion Injury in Human Lung Transplanation
Abbas Ardehali*, Hyde Russell*, David Ross*, Michael Levine*, Robert Shpiner*, Hillel Laks
UCLA School of Medicine - Los Angeles, California
P7. Preliminary Experience by a Thoracic Service with Endoscopic Trans-Oral Stapling of Cervical (Zenker’s) Diverticulum
Hiran C. Fernando*, Peter F. Ferson*, Percival O. Buenaventura*, Neil A. Christie*, Andrew Pierre*, Virginia R. Litle*, James D. Luketich*
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
P8. Partial Versus Complete Ring Mitral Annuloplasty and Minimizing Posterior Mitral Leaflet Strain
David T. Lai*, Frederick A. Tibayan*, Tomasz A. Timek*, Filiberto Rodriguez*, Paul Dagum, Ph.D*, David Liang, Ph.D*, George T. Daughters*, Neil B. Ingals*, D. Craig Miller
Stanford University School of Medicine - Stanford, California
P9. Engineering of Allogenic Acellularized Matrix Valvular Conduits Re-Endothelialized with Autologous Cells in the Pulmonary Circulation
Rainer G. Leyh*, Mathias Wilhelmi*, Tanja Herden*, Theo Kofidis*, Stefan Fischer*, Axel Haverich*, Helike Mertsching*
Hannover Medical School - Hannover Germany
P10. Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibition Decreases Primary and Matastatic Tumor Burden in a Murine Model of Orthotopic Lung Adenocarcinoma
Costanzo A. DiPerna*, Robert D. Bart*, Yanling Ma*, Vaughn A. Starnes, Ross M. Bremner*
University of Southern California - Los Angeles, California

Moderators: Douglas E. Wood and Kent W. Jones

†16. Management of Aortic Root in Acute Type A Aortic Dissection Complicated by Aortic Regurgitation: Composite Valve Graft Replacement Vs. Separate Valve and Graft Replacement Vs. Conservative Valve Aortic Repair
David T. Lai*, D. Craig Miller, R. Scott Mitchell, Phillip E. Oyer*, Kathleen A. Moore*, Robert C. Robbins, Norman E. Shumway, Bruce A. Reitz
Stanford University School of Medicine - Stanford, California

Discussion Opened By: H. Storm Floten

17. Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery for Pulmonary Nodules: Rationale For Preoperative Computed Tomography-Guided Hookwire Localization
Paola Ciriaco*, Gianpiero Negri*, Armando Puglisi*, Roberto Nicoletti*, Alessandro Del Maschio*, Piero Zannini*
Hospital San Rafaele - Milan, Italy

Discussion Opened By: John D. Mitchell

18. Virtual Reality Morphometric Animation of Mitral Valve Mechanics
Eugene A. Grossi*, Joseph H. Dayan*, Aaron Oliker*, F. Gregory Baumann*, Aubrey C. Galloway*, Stephen B. Colvin*, D. Craig Miller
NYU School of Medicine - New York, New York

Discussion Opened By: James H. Oury

19. Comparison of Autograft and Allograft Aortic Valve Replacement in Children
Flavian M. Lupinetti, Brian W. Duncan*, Umesh Dyamenahalli*, Mark Lewin*, Geoffrey L. Rosenthal*
University of Washington - Seattle, Washington

Discussion Opened By: John A. Hawkins

9:50 a.m. Coffee Break - Visit Exhibits

Moderator: Bradley J. Harlan and Douglas E. Wood

20. Cell Transplant or Medical Therapy to Prevent Heart Failure?
Takeshiro Fujii*, Nobuhisa Ohno*, Richard D. Weisel*, Nobuya Koyama*, Donald A. G. Mickle*, Laura C. Tumiati*, Ren-Ke Li*
Toronto General Hospital - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Discussion Opened By: W. R. Eric Jamieson and David A. Bull

21. Factors Affecting Late Survival After Surgical Remodeling of Post-Infarction Left Ventricle
Hooshang Bolooki*, Eduardo De Marchena*, Stephen Mallon*, Kushagra Katariya*, Robert Duncan*, Stana Novak*, Michael Barron*
University of Miami School of Medicine - Miami, Florida

Discussion Opened By: Gerald D. Buckberg

†22. Radiofrequency Ablation of Pulmonary Malignancies in Non-Surgical Candidates
Luis Herrera*, Hiran C. Fernando*, Yaron Perry*, Percival O. Buenaventura*, Neil A. Christie*, Peter F. Ferson*, James D. Luketich*
UPMC Presbytarian - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Discussion Opened By: Richard I. Whyte

11:10 a.m. C. Walton Lillehei Point-Counterpoint Session – "Cardiologists Will Make Cardiac Surgeons Obsolete in Five Years"
Moderator: D. Craig Miller
Pro: Steve Oesterle*
Con: Bruce Lytle*
12:45 p.m. Luncheon


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